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    The most powerful AI assistant for K-12 math

    MathGrader supports multiple question formats (such as equation, graphing, and word problems), as well as fixed-template assignments (bubble sheets).

    Flexible Grading

    Partial Credit? No Problem.

    Apply detailed rubric and roll out to all students with just one click. Automatically apply rubric changes to all graded work.

    Why teachers love MathGrader

    "I once had an exam that probably would have taken 2 hours to grade by hand, but with MathGrader, it only took me 10 minutes."

    Jesse Hornburg

    5th Grade Math

    "The statistics really help me understand how my students are doing and what I can teach differently. Also, I LOVE not having to shuffle papers."

    Leslie McKinzie

    8th Grade Math

    "MathGrader enables me to grade all assignments in 5 minutes. Students love to get immediate feedback that helps them understand how they're doing."

    Wane Diaz

    9th Grade Math

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    • 100 MB storage
    • 40 student accounts
    • 200 scans per month
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    • 10 GB storage
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    • 3,000 scans
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    • Unlimited dedicated storage
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What do I get with MathGrader?

    You’ll gain access to the online AI grader assistant and a library of 23,000+ premade rubrics and feedback modules, to customize grading the way you need.

    Q: I have questions for MathGrader. Who can I contact?

    We love to hear from educators about what you want to see in MathGrader! Send in your suggestions to [email protected]

    Q: How do students get feedback from assignments?

    Simply place the submitted assignment on the printer's paper tray, and commentary will be printed on the submitted work. You can also digitally share commentary with your students.

    Q: What is your refund policy?

    We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all paid plans! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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